Some people wrote posts about stuff they want to see rewritten in Rust1, but that’s not this is about. I want to rewrite stuff in Rust to learn more Rust, learn more about the projects and their fields, and, well, just for fun.

A list of probably interesting things to (re)write in Rust

  • A TOML reader/writer that does not change the layout of the file when adding fields. There’s some discussion of cargo-edit’s specific use-case here.
  • Butteraugli – a tool for measuring differences between images (C++, Go port)
  • FLIF – Free Lossless Image Format (C++)
    • FLIF’s “Maniac” encoding (part of FLIF’s repo)
    • @panicbit is working on it
  • story-graph – The Graph that Generates Stories (JavaScript)
  • A virtual DOM thingy with adaptors for libui and CLI as described in this note
  • A Twitter bot
  • git-guilt using libgit2 (with the git2 crate) instead of spawning git blame processes
  1. For example: libpng, musl, life, the Linux kernel, the universe, and everything.