Maybe you already know it, but this blog is about crazy ideas. Here’s just another one I thought much about lately.

I would like to store much more information digitally and I would like to enjoy using it. I image a scene where I take my iPhone, push some buttons and get the information I need in that situation. The idea is that I don’t want to open an app and scroll through lists–I would rather enter some search term and see instant results.

When I think about it, I would almost say this search should work like a command line where you enter what you want to know and the software shows it to you. I would like the software to give me an outline of my information and then help my dig deeper into it easily–with the chance to enter new things as well.

For example: I enter a date like 5.2. (2 February) and get not only a list of appointments I have on that date but also other relevant information. When someone’s birthday is on that day and I have a note somewhere what I wanted to give him, this note should be displayed right here.

You see, interconnection between information is quite essential for this idea and I don’t know whether there already is a system that supports that kind of context creating as flexible as it should really be. And again, it is not about what apps you use but about the information that should be independently saved and that is just accessed and displayed/edited by them.

I really want to be clear on this one: I want interconnected information that can be stored and accessed independent from specific apps (but dependent on a specific system the apps are based on). I think this is where personal computers and technology in general should be headed to regarding information management.