I’ll be at various conferences throughout the year 2017. If you want to hang out before/at/after, let me know!

Bobkonf – Berlin

February 24, I’ll be in town Th—Mo

ClojureD – Berlin

February 25, I’ll be in town Th—Mo

RustFest – Kyiv

April 30, I’ll be in town Fr–Mo

I gave a talk there and you can watch the recording!

NightlyBuild – Cologne

September 1, I’ll be in town because I live there

Write the Docs – Prague

September 10–12, I’ll be in town Fr—Wed

RustFest – Zürich

September 30, I’ll be in town Fr—Mo

What’s better than one RustFest per year? You guessed it!

TopConf – Düsseldorf

October 5–6, I’ll be in town Th—Fr

I won tickets at the Web Engineering Düsseldorf meetup in June! Thanks so much!

CodeMonsters – Sofia

October 17–19, I’ll be in town Tu–Fr

I’ll give a talk about Concepts Of Rust And How To Apply Them together with Marc Schettke.

JS Kongress – Munich

November 13–14, I’ll be in town Su—Wed